One Direction: ‘Four’, ‘Fireproof’ and Rebranding

I’m a pretty huge fan of One Direction. I’ve gone through phases, some of them denial, but a while back I just sort of accepted it and moved on with my life. It’s fun being a One Direction fan, for the most part. You get to enjoy the music, they’re pretty cool people, and I personally have a lot of fun with the section of the fandom that I find myself interacting with. Anyway, none of that is really all that important, it’s just ingrained in me to always do an intro for my posts.
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One Direction: Favourite Songs

tumblr_n55ush0lLg1rnntmfo1_500The way I see it, there are four main responses to One Direction. The haters, the people who for whatever reason can’t stand them and spend more time hating on them than actually just avoiding them (which I will never understand). Then there are the people who are indifferent or think it’s uncool to like a bunch of British not-quite-teenagers-anymore who sing poppy music and have constant preteen craziness surrounding them (yes I’m generalizing). There is the group of insanely intense fans who give the rest of us a bad reputation, by sending invasive messages, showing up outside their houses etc. And lastly we have the people who found it silly to begin with, got curious and checked them out and sort of never went back because it turns out they’re actually quite a charming bunch of characters and their music is catchy. Guess which I am?
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Music Monday: My Moody Teenager Playlist

Recently I’ve been looking back at my past musical choices and reminiscing. This has been particularly fun because while my sister and I get all nostalgic about it, my “new” London friends have not even heard about half the artists and bands I’m playing. Since I’m finally done withe uni for the summer I thought I would take the time to try to remember some of the stuff I used to listen to on repeat. I think I’ve already mentioned that my computer crashed a few years back, taking with it my entire iTunes library, so some of it is probably gone and forgotten about forever, but a few left a lasting memory.
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Music Monday: Fall Out Boy

As promised (sort of), this post is about Fall Out Boy. It’s the same old story with this band: I started listening, got obsessed, my computer crashed and the songs disappeared, I stopped listening, then rediscovered them when they reunited. A fun-fact about this band is that I found out about them through One Tree Hill, a show I once loved but now can’t stand to watch. In interest of honesty, I don’t know a whole lot about the background and dynamic of this band, and this might show throughout the post. I know that Fall Out Boy has a massive following from way back when they started, who will get annoyed when I inevitably get facts wrong, so I’m just letting you guys know now. My knowledge (aside from their time on One Tree Hill) is mostly that they took a break in 2009 due to, amongst other things, excessive media attention and lack of creative ideas, and then reunited recently to make Save Rock and Roll. I will predominately be writing about Save Rock and Roll in this post, but I urge everyone who hasn’t already to go back and listen to the older albums as well. They’re what got me to listen in the first place, and definitely worth checking out.
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Sweat the Small Stuff

It’s not a secret to anyone who knows me (or who follows my tumblr blog) how big a fan I am of Nick Grimshaw’s career. It’s become ‘A Thing’ in our house, much like it was when my “One Direction infection” reached a peak back in December. I’m a fairly calm person, not really excitable, but I’m thorough and attentive when I’m really into something, and I talk about it…a lot! Which I’m sure is sometimes really annoying to my housemates and friends, but also something they’ve learned to tune out over the months/years I’ve known them. All of this is neither her nor there, really, but is sort of relevant for why I started watching this show. It’s a good example of my thoroughness, I think, since I basically just went back to the backlog of things Grimmy’s done aside from the Breakfast Show. Since this is new – and now current – it wasn’t too hard to find.
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New Music: Ed Sheeran “Sing”

So as you might have heard, Ed Sheeran released his new single today. I honestly have no idea how much reach British artists have outside of the UK, so I don’t know if this has been in the news elsewhere. I know Ed Sheeran has become more known since his collaboration with Taylor Swift, so I’m assuming he is pretty well-known by now. I started listening when I moved to London back in 2012 (he wasn’t really played much in Norway before that), and I’ve really liked his music since then. I watched his live stream tonight, which coincidentally was held in a room I had a lecture in last year, and it’s the first time I’ve really seen him talk about his music. I really like that he is so young but is still so grounded and self-aware. It’s a thing I’ve experienced a lot with British musicians since I started paying more attention, and I appreciate that people who are that famous can be so level-headed.
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Likes of the Week

I wanted to post something today, but it’s one of those days when no matter how hard I try, whatever I write just turns out weird and/or unstructured, so instead of publishing a post about the Veronica Mars movie (which I have been planning to do for ages now), I’m just going to give you this: a post with random music, sound clips and videos I’m currently into. Enjoy!
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Music Monday: Little Mix

This post has been sitting in my drafts for a while now because I inconveniently keep forgetting to post on Mondays, but here it is. What I have gathered from spending time on tumblr in the past months is that it’s hard to avoid exposure to Little Mix if you’re following One Direction. There’s the obvious fact that Perrie Edwards is engaged to one of the 1D members, and both bands originated on the X Factor. Mostly, though, I think that the overlap is due to the fact that the section of blogs I follow mostly consist of women who are, to various degrees, invested in women’s right and feminist issues. I’m not here to say that Little Mix is this generation’s feminists for two reasons: 1. as much as it interests me, I don’t actually know enough about either feminist theory or Little Mix to make that statement, and 2. I don’t actually know if that’s the actual reason for the overlap. It might be something entirely different. Personally I think they’re talented singers, I think a lot of the songs on their latest album are very catchy and fun to listen to, and I enjoy that their songs tend to be very focused on girl power and individuality.

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Teen Wolf

Am I the only one who finds writing about things I love harder than writing about things I find problematic? Regardless, I have been meaning to write this post about Teen Wolf for some time now, but have been postponing it because of stage fright or something like that. I think that whenever I love something as much as I love Teen Wolf at the moment I’m always afraid that I will end up doing it an injustice in my writing. This worry is a little increased at the moment because of the sudden traffic my blog is getting for reasons I don’t even know, but I’m sucking it up and writing it.
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The London Hunt

1782331_287638984720238_1409994291_oThis is not strictly pop culture related, but I’m shamelessly using my blog for some self promotion right now.

For our creative project this year, my group and I will  be arranging a scavenger hunt all around London on the 29th of March. Since it is a school project we don’t expect a massive turnout, but our ambition is to get as many people as possible to participate. If you happen to live in London and would like to take part, please visit our website, The London Hunt for more information.

The even requires teams of 4 people to get together and complete as many tasks as possible. The event is predominately aimed at students in London, but we are leaving room for letting non-students join as well, if there is any interest. In order to sign up you have to send an email with the names and student program of all participants, but I strongly urge everyone to go read the rules and guidelines on our website before signing up for the event.

The event will consist of a Saturday filled with fun and sometimes embarrassing tasks, and the only thing we ask in return is to be able to use your photos and videos for our website afterwards.

Hope to see you guys there!